• White stakes mark the out of bound zones, and blue stakes and white lines mark the grounds under repair.
  • All ponds are bounded by red stakes (red lines) or the water’s edge and considered as lateral water hazards.
  • Golf cart tracks on the course, service roads and tree props, feeder lines, covers and frames of drains, wire meshes, and other artificial facilities (including stakes, etc.) shall be immovable obstructions.
  • The stones inside the bunkers shall be movable obstructions.
  • When the ball stops on the green (including the collar) of a different hole, the ball must be dropped at a place that is not near the current hole.
  • The use of clubs other than putter is prohibited on the green.
  • Play from the ground under repair is prohibited.
  • Other than the above, JGA competition rules shall apply.
  • Any additions and revisions of the local rules will be posted in the clubhouse from time to time and shall effective from the day of posting.