Orion Beer! Straight from Nago Factory! Enjoy the rich taste and the frereshing view. “MARIYAMA”

Experience the dedication with the incorporation of local products in a liberating space overlooking lush green halls.

Opening hours: 10am-3pm
Seating capacity: 80

Orion beer delivered straight from Nago factory! We serve freshly made draft beer.

The refreshing flavors of Orion beer is a perfect match to the climate of Okinawa. Serving you the treasure of Nago delivered straight from its beer factory is a special charm unique to our Golf Club. Enjoy a good meal and a great toast after your games.


Beef Steak

2,500 yen

Enjoy the flavors of our hot and sizzling steak. It comes with salad, soup, and rice.

Sichuan Dandan Noodles

1,000 yen

Aromatic sesame in flavorful ground meat miso. Authentic Chinese cuisine with the signature deep umami flavor and aroma.

Nakijin Una-Ju (eel bowl)

2,800 yen

Local eels that were grown in Nakijin Village springs have fatty plump meat. Savor this rare gourmet.